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Listening to Taiwan: Concert of new compositions and improvisation

  • Singang High School Xingang Taiwan (map)

Summation of a 6-week long cultural immersion in Taiwan from Taipei, Hsing Kang in Chia Yi, to a 2-week stay with the aboriginal Bunun descendant communities in Taidong.  Concert features award-winning Hsing-Kang elementary school orchestra, works composed during my time in Taiwan, and interactive improvisation performance.

Program (in English and Chinese):

一、莫札特嬉遊曲 (Divertimento) K138 第一樂章快板 W. A. Mozart

二、葛利格 霍爾堡組曲 (Holberg Suite, Op. 40)  E. Grieg



新港國小弦樂團  Hsing-Kong Elementary String Orchestra    指揮:曾維民 Conductor: Wei-Min Tseng   鋼琴:張亦喬 Piano: Joey Chang


三、傾聽台灣: 給台灣的原創作品首演 

Listening to Taiwan: World Premier of Original Compositions

(1) 永遠的忘春風 Everlasting Love Song 

(2) 在台北的酷暑中漫步 Strolling in Taipei’s Summer Heat

(3) 媽祖廟巡禮 A Spiritual Impression of MaZu Temple

(4) 媽媽的眼睛變奏組曲  Three variations on  “Mother’s eyes” 

(5) 敬頌布農 Tributes to Bunun

                   第一樂章:山谷的聲音 The sound of mountains

                   第二樂章:幽靜中的隱憂 Solitude 

                   第三樂章:聆聽於天地間 Listening to Heaven and Earth 

                   第四樂章:感恩 Gratitude

作曲、鋼琴 : 張亦喬 Composition and Piano: Joey Chang




四、莫札特 鋼琴四重奏 (Piano Quartet) 降E大調 No.2, K493 W. A. Mozart




小提琴 蕭翔尹  Violin: Siang-Yin Hsiao 中提琴 曾盈穎  Viola: Ying-Yin Tseng 

大提琴 鄭詠柔  Cello: Yong-Rou Cheng 鋼琴 張亦喬    Piano: Joey Chang


五、拉赫曼尼諾夫練習曲Rachmaninoff  Etude Op.39 No.9      S. Rachmaninoff

鋼琴 張亦喬  Piano: Joey Chang


六、鋼琴即興演奏 Live Improvisation

張亦喬、觀眾互動  Audience and Joey Chang

Later Event: November 11
Solo Program: Joey Chang