8:00 PM20:00

Soul-Making Improv Set

Playing w/ Conner Duke bass, Jasmine Wilson voice, and Jonah Udall guitar

We are presenting “Soul-making” - intentional, freely improvised expression focused on a love of the human soul and the summoning of one's life experiences in an artistic setting. 

Tickets $10 online and at the door (link to be posted)

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7:00 PM19:00

Fernando Moura / Jack McGuire + Joey Chang / Gaya Feldheim Schorr + Lisa Hoppe

As part of a triple bill at Spectrum NYC:

“The Epiphany Was Always Close” Jack Mcguire + Joey Chang 

A free improvised work by duo Jack Mcguire and Joey Chang - Jack and Joey believe that moments of ecstatic harmony and unity emerge from moments of complete discord. The Duo will present a set of free improvised work exploring the relationship between the chaotic and the reverent.

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