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Clayton Piano Festival: Living in the Moment

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Classically trained prodigy pianist, composer and multi genre improvisor, Joey Chang, is a unique rising star on the musical scene in New York City since graduating from Julliard in 2018. His chameleonic skills as an improvisor allow him to collaborate with many different artists in most genres. He will create his own program for CPF, including film and audio/visual projections, personal anecdotes, and audience requests.

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8:00 PM20:00

Soul-Making Improv Set

Playing w/ Conner Duke bass, Jasmine Wilson voice, and Jonah Udall guitar

We are presenting “Soul-making” - intentional, freely improvised expression focused on a love of the human soul and the summoning of one's life experiences in an artistic setting. 

Tickets $10 online and at the door (link to be posted)

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Fernando Moura / Jack McGuire + Joey Chang / Gaya Feldheim Schorr + Lisa Hoppe

As part of a triple bill at Spectrum NYC:

“The Epiphany Was Always Close” Jack Mcguire + Joey Chang 

A free improvised work by duo Jack Mcguire and Joey Chang - Jack and Joey believe that moments of ecstatic harmony and unity emerge from moments of complete discord. The Duo will present a set of free improvised work exploring the relationship between the chaotic and the reverent.

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